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Tiffany Atkinson is an acclaimed women’s professional development speaker who captivates audiences with her magnetic speaking style and charismatic presence.

As a military veteran and serial entrepreneur who founded three successful companies in her twenties, Tiffany brings an irreplaceable perspective to every event, empowering women to take charge of their careers and make their wildest dreams a reality by unapologetically being true to themselves.

Renowned for her exceptional ability to create an inclusive, engaging, and welcoming atmosphere where entrepreneurs, working professionals, emerging leaders, and seasoned leaders alike feel seen and accepted, Tiffany effortlessly connects with any audience.

Whether presenting to an intimate group of 100 or a packed house of 1,000, Tiffany skillfully weaves stories from her own career journey into her enthralling presentations, transforming them into impactful lessons that inspire, resonate, and motivate every woman in attendance to thrive and excel professionally.

Through her interactive delivery, Tiffany collaborates with her audience by encouraging attendees to openly share their thoughts and experiences during her presentations.

Currently serving as the Founder and CEO of Tiffany Atkinson Consulting, Tiffany spends her time off stage leading a team of bada$$ women that merge brand management and business operations strategies to empower women-owned small businesses to grow and reach new heights.

Highly sought-after as a keynote speaker for conferences, retreats, and workshops catering to female founders, women in the workplace, and women in leadership, Tiffany is an enriching and dynamic addition to any event.

Partner with Tiffany Atkinson today and witness firsthand as she inspires your audience with a remarkable and transformative experience unlike any other.

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Tiffany’s Signature Talks

Thoughtfully Crafted To Empower Women To Live Out Their Career Dreams

Ignite inspiration and unleash your audience’s untapped potential with Tiffany’s three signature talks. With her relatable storytelling and ability to effortlessly bring people together, Tiffany’s presentations elevate the experience at any event by creating a lasting impact that stays with attendees well beyond the event. Whether you’re looking to energize your conference, bring new life to your team retreat, or build deeper connections within your organization, Tiffany’s presentation topics are the perfect catalyst for transformative change.

Don't Hide Your Mistakes

Elevating Your Leadership By Owning Your Story

In this thought-provoking presentation, Tiffany addresses the pressures women in leadership face to appear perfect. Join Tiffany as she challenges leadership and executive presence myths that push perfection and encourages attendees to embrace their imperfections as valuable components of their leadership identity. Through insightful anecdotes and practical strategies, Tiffany reveals three fundamental ways every woman, whether she’s an emerging, progressing, or seasoned leader, can become a better leader by owning her unique identity, embracing her flaws, and sharing the unpolished moments of her story.

Switch Off Survival Mode

Thriving In The Midst Of Storms, Setbacks, & Struggles

In this electrifying presentation, Tiffany delves deep into the challenges women encounter managing their careers when adversity strikes. Join Tiffany as she equips attendees with practical tools to break free from survival mode when challenging moments arise. Backed by insightful research, proven methodologies, and her real-life experiences, Tiffany unveils four actionable strategies for women to leverage emotional intelligence to navigate adversity, rediscover joy in the journey, and avoid survival mode when facing the inevitable storms of life and career.

Take The Leap

Paving The Path To Success & Fulfillment In Your Career

In this compelling presentation, Tiffany explores how women’s evolving definitions of success and fulfillment influence their career development and growth. Join Tiffany as she sheds light on how women can advance further in their careers by daring to redefine success on their terms and embrace their boldest aspirations. Drawing on leaps of faith from her career, Tiffany infuses four candid stories with dynamic strategies for women to fearlessly redefine success, make impossible goals possible, and embark on a journey toward a fulfilling career, whether they’re accomplished entrepreneurs, emerging leaders beginning their careers, or seasoned leaders in the workplace.

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Highlights From Tiffany's Captivating Presentations

Experience what it’s like to watch Tiffany light up the stage as the keynote for your next conference, presenter for your next team retreat, or facilitator for your organization’s next workshop.

Don't Hide Your Mistakes

Presentation Excerpt

In this clip from “Don’t Hide Your Mistakes,” presented at Women Lead Change’s Corridor Women Connect, Tiffany explores how sharing the messy parts of our stories can add deeper meaning that uplifts and inspires those we lead. After attending “Don’t Hide Your Mistakes,” your audience will gain newfound confidence to become more effective and influential leaders who lead authentically.

Switch Off Survival Mode

Presentation Excerpt

In this clip from “Switch Off Survival Mode,” presented at the 2023 Indy Chamber and Central Indiana Women’s Business Center (CIWBC) Women In Business Retreat, Tiffany recounts how she was unexpectedly inspired to overcome a challenging moment in her career during a workout with her personal trainer. After attending “Switch Off Survival Mode,” your audience will walk away with renewed determination to thrive in the face of challenges, equipped with emotional intelligence as their guiding light.

Switch Off Survival Mode

Presentation Excerpt

In this clip from “Switch Off Survival Mode,” presented at the 2023 Indy Chamber and Central Indiana Women’s Business Center (CIWBC) Women In Business Retreat, Tiffany recounts how she was unexpectedly inspired to overcome a challenging moment in her career during a workout with her personal trainer. After attending “Switch Off Survival Mode,” your audience will walk away with renewed determination to thrive in the face of challenges, equipped with emotional intelligence as their guiding light.

Take The Leap

Presentation Excerpt

In this clip from “Take The Leap,” presented at Indy AMA, Tiffany explains how approaching our leap of faith like a hurdler approaches hurdles in a track meet can ensure we don’t lose momentum on our career journeys. After attending “Take The Leap,” your audience will be equipped with newfound inspiration and a practical roadmap to construct a successful and fulfilling career filled with possibility.

Recent Speaking Engagements

Where Tiffany Has Spread Her Magic

Tiffany has energized and empowered audiences at conferences nationwide, including...

2023 Women Lead Change Conference: Des Moines hosted by Women Lead Change

EntreFEST 2023 hosted by The New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative (NewBoCo)

2023 Women In Business Retreat hosted by the Indy Chamber & Central Indiana Women’s Business Center (CIWBC)

Indy Design Week 2022: Emergence hosted by Indy Design Week

Empowering Women Of Color At Work: Virtual Panel hosted by Mentors Of Color

EntreFEST 2022 hosted by The New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative (NewBoCo)

VIP Week Women’s Conference hosted by The VIP Center For Business Women

Experience Entrepreneurship: Virtual Panel hosted by Mentors Of Color

The Mogul Code Summit hosted by Black Women Moguls International

The All Women Rock Entrepreneur Summit hosted by All Women Rock Global

Aspire Women Leaders Conference hosted by Aspire Johnson County

The Visible Authority Virtual Summit hosted by Get Their Attention Now

Tiffany has shared her wisdom on a range of podcasts, including...

The Podcast & Amplify Podcast: Embracing Your Imperfect Journey

Your Life Your Story – Rise Up Podcast: Toxic Workplace Culture

The Hustle & Grow Podcast: Crafting And Communicating Your Brand Story With Confidence

The Podcast & Amplify Podcast: Gaining Clarity When Pivoting Your Brand

Tiffany has facilitated engaging and impactful workshops for various organizations, including...


What Others Are Saying About Tiffany

I’ve had Tiffany speak at EntreFEST back to back years now if that says anything at all about her. Tiffany is an amazing speaker and her talk “Switch Off Survival Mode” was very relevant to our audience. She did a great job engaging and connecting with attendees. Once Tiffany arrived in Iowa City and we finally ran into each other, it was like seeing an old friend. We hugged, laughed, and quickly caught up on life things within the last year. Tiffany is not only a great speaker but a great person with amazing energy!!

– Jourdan McChesney, Director of Events at NewBoCo

Tiffany was fantastic from start to finish. She was laid back, connected with attendees throughout her time with us, and shared great information. I would highly recommend her for anyone else looking for a fun, engaging speaker for their event! Thank you Tiffany!

– Tracey Warren, President at Women Business Owners

Bam! I’d heard about Tiffany from several colleagues and witnessed her directly in action at other events, but wow. Tiffany set the stage with her relatability and made a lasting impact when she facilitated a workshop for our college. She connected with each student by listening intently to their needs, providing relevant feedback, and going above and beyond to offer encouraging advice to help them see and set a pathway for where they wanted to go. If you are looking for a speaker with experience, a caring yet strategic approach, and the creative know-how to reach your audience, Tiffany Atkinson is your go-to. I am a fan for life!

– Steve Thrash, Program Chair at Ivy Tech Community College, Garatoni School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Tiffany is an inspiring, engaging, relatable, and an incredibly honest speaker. Our organization enjoyed her presentation; our guests had great takeaways from the event; and most importantly, everyone had so much fun.  I definitely recommend reaching out to Tiffany for your next event.

– Alli Donovan, President at Indy AMA

Tiffany was the closing plenary session on the first day of our Women In Business Retreat. Tiffany was a joy to work with and always well-prepared and timely with requests. Our audience found her to be engaging and funny with practical and relevant takeaways attendees could take away from her session.

– Stephanie James​​​​, Director at Central Indiana Women’s Business Center (CIWBC)

Tiffany is an exceptionally vibrant speaker who gets her audience on their feet and feeling inspired. She spoke at our VIP Week Women’s Conference as the opening speaker — and WOW’ed everyone!

– Angie Nuttle, Owner of The VIP Center For Business Women and Host of the VIP Week Women’s Conference

Tiffany facilitated a workshop for my organization, and I’m so thankful for her expertise, patience, and positive energy. Tiffany goes the extra mile to learn about her audience as people. She gave our participants specific, culturally-relevant tips and tricks for their businesses. Sharing a space with her was warm, inviting, and informative. We couldn’t have asked for more!

– Jeru Qadar, Civic Engagement Coordinator at Kheprw Institute

Each year I host The Mogul Code Summit, I always look for talented individuals who will bring tangible strategies to the summit. I cannot say enough about Tiffany Atkinson because she delivered. She gave my attendees ways they could take their business to the next level, and I know she will do the same no matter what topic she brings to your summit, conference, or event. She will bring great advice and tips that are not just motivational, but that your attendees can take away and implement that day. I highly recommend Tiffany Atkinson for your next event!

– Averri Simone, Founder of Black Women Moguls International and Host of The Mogul Code Summit

I invited Tiffany to lead a workshop for my organization for Professional Organizers and Entrepreneurs. She was exceptional in her presentation. The audience was deeply engaged, walked away with action items, and heard marketing in a way that they could actually resonate with. Minds were blown, including mine! I highly recommend her not only as a speaker but as a brand and marketing expert.

– Cathy DeNooyer, Owner of Reclaiming Time And Space

It’s both my pleasure and honor to acknowledge Tiffany for her value-packed presentation for the All Women Rock Entrepreneur Summit. So much so that bringing her back next year is a “no-brainer.” Tiffany is a fantastic presenter, engaging and passionate about her subject matter. So if you get a chance to bring her into your organization or conference, do it before someone else books her.

– Tamera N. Sutton, CEO of All Women Rock Global and Host of The All Women Rock Entrepreneur Summit

Tiffany was an amazing speaker at our Experience Entrepreneurship: Virtual Panel. She was very knowledgeable and had great tips for upcoming entrepreneurs. She was very passionate about her field and kept the virtual audience engaged. She provided great advice about brand marketing and her journey to becoming an expert. We definitely look forward to working with her in future events!

– Rachel Lee, Matching Coordinator of Mentors Of Color

Tiffany was a delight to work with both in the leading up to and during our event. She brought with her positive energy that translated beautifully into her workshop, “Reverse Your Nightmare,” which was both informative and enjoyable. We’ve had nothing but good feedback from our community and can’t wait to see what she does next.

– Rebecca Black, Community Manager at UnderPinned

Tiffany was a speaker at The Visible Authority Virtual Summit, which I hosted. Her presentation was full of great tips that my attendees were able to use right away. Tiffany had great energy in the presentation as well as in the event’s Facebook group, and I recommend including her in your next event.

– Stephanie Mojica, Book Development Coach and Host of The Visible Authority Virtual Summit

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