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Woman-Owned, Women-Led, & Women-Amplifying

We’re a woman-owned, women-led, and women-amplifying company dedicated to helping empower women to kickstart the business of their dreams. Check out our mission, values, and stories below.

Our Mission

Empowering Women To Build, Grow, & Scale The Business Of Their Dreams

Tiffany Atkinson Consulting is a woman, BIPOC, and veteran-owned business consulting firm on a mission to empower women to regain the clarity and confidence to kickstart the business of their dreams.

We specialize in meeting our clients where they are and supporting them as they reposition their brands and companies to get where they want to be.

Through coaching, consulting, and educational tools, we teach our clients how to develop and implement personalized brand management and business operations strategies to transform their businesses into companies that exceed their wildest dreams.

Alongside being a woman-owned small business, we’re a fully women-led team and are dedicated to being a women-amplifying company.

So our commitment to helping women define their goals, expand their impact, and uncover their deepest potential through entrepreneurship extends beyond the clients we serve.

It’s present in the vendors we hire to support our business and the like-minded community of extraordinarily talented, yet often marginalized, women-owned companies we’ve partnered with to help serve women with needs outside our expertise.

That way, we can one day achieve our ultimate goal to revolutionize how women-owned service-based businesses are run by helping as many women as we can build, grow, and scale a business they love.

Our Values

What We Believe In

Don't Let Anyone Else Define Your Dream

Your vision for your dream business should be personal to you. Don’t let anyone else tell you what does or doesn’t fit into that vision. Or let anyone convince you that your dream is impossible. Define it and how you get there for yourself.

Always Show Up As Your Most Authentic Self

The secret to kickstarting the business of your dreams is to show up as your most authentic self. Not the person you think your clients want you to be or the person you think will make you the most money. Build your business around who you are, and it will be a success.

Do Everything With Confidence And Clarity

Everything you do when running your business should be done with confidence and from a place of clarity. If you can’t do it with both, you’re not making the right choice.

Always Be Willing To “Do The Work"

Anything worth doing in your business will require you to “do the work” to achieve it. Do the work of showing up and giving your best effort. Do the work of not taking shortcuts or looking for quick fixes. And above all, do the work of having fun along the way.

Let Your Purpose Lead The Way

Your purpose (your why) is the best compass for building, growing, and scaling the business of your dreams. Follow it, commit to fulfilling it, and be willing to let it grow, and it’ll never steer you wrong.

Our Team

The Women Behind The Mission

We’re proud to be 100% woman-owned and a fully women-led team.

Meet Tiffany Atkinson

Founder & CEO

Tiffany Atkinson is the Founder & CEO of Tiffany Atkinson Consulting. A multi-faceted entrepreneur, Tiffany’s diverse career includes three years as a US Army paralegal, a bachelor’s in Graphic & Web Design, founding a youth-focused nonprofit, and running a branding and marketing agency. After Tiffany’s vision for her dream business evolved, she pivoted to launch Tiffany Atkinson Consulting. Since that decision, Tiffany’s committed to helping as many women as she can fall back in love with their business and life.

Get To Know Tiffany

Meet Mylanna Warren

Administrative & Operations Manager

Mylanna Warren is the Administrative & Operations Manager at Tiffany Atkinson Consulting. Mylanna has a bachelor’s in Accounting and is the founder of several ventures, including The Assisting Agent, an Administrative and Operational agency helping women-owned businesses streamline their backend work. Mylanna also has a streetwear apparel line in development that supports mental health and a podcast that focuses on the role self-love plays when it comes to dating and relationships.

Our Partners

Join The Tiffany Atkinson Consulting Partner Program

To support our commitment to being a women-amplifying company, we’ve created the Tiffany Atkinson Consulting Partner Program.

A like-minded community of extraordinarily talented, yet often marginalized and underrepresented, women and woman-owned companies that help female service providers kickstart their dream businesses.

To build our program, we’re partnering with women and woman-owned companies serving needs outside our expertise, including attorneys, coaches, designers, developers, digital marketers, photographers, strategists, and videographers.

Through the program, we hope to help overlooked women amplify their voices, expand their impact, build relationships with other bada** female entrepreneurs, and reach their business goals by connecting them with clients and opportunities related to their services.

So we’re also prioritizing including women who’ve experienced marginalization and women who are underrepresented within their industry when looking for partners.

If you’re a woman interested in joining our partner program or want to learn more, we’d love to hear from you.

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