Who doesn't want to play a game that makes you better and stronger while improving the world around you? 

A bad person. And you're a good person, which means this game's for you.  


I was inspired to create a life coaching model that draws on the fundamental mechanics of games and their extraordinary ability to motivate and engage us after watching a Tedtalk by author and game designer, Jane McGonigal, on how gameplay can actually solve real world problems. As my research continued, I fully realized that games can transform the way we improve ourselves by making our goals fun, stimulating and rewarding.  


My process blends what I've learned at The Life Purpose Institute about life coaching sessions with a customized self-improvment game that targets your specific goal areas. You create your own avatar, complete challenges, level up, and all the while become more and more equipped to reach your real life goals! And I've already mentioned how FUN it is, right?


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